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 Fabricated Pipe Shoes and Anchors

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. has developed a number of standard designs based on our experience fabricating anchors for the different requirements of our customers. The Shoe Decision Tree  illustrates the design options chosen for the standards included in this section of the catalog. The decision diagrams are identified with capital letters. Each path in the diagram represents a combination of which leads to a standard Figure Number. In addition to these choices, there are options to consider when slide plates are specified.

  • The first option in the Shoe Decision Tree is at node A. If the support is to be welded to the pipe, the top branch is chosen. Otherwise, choose the lower branch
  • At node B a choice is made between a single-T vertical member or two vertical members (double-T). The double-T shoe is stronger and always comes with cradles.
  • At node C, decide if you want cradles. Cradles are an efficient way to add strength and stability. They may not be necessary for small pipe where a single-T bar is sufficient.
  • At node D, choose whether to include a slide plate or not. Slide plates reduce friction when the pipe moves and protect the pipe and supporting structure from stresses required to overcome friction. Shoes without slide plates can be welded to a structure to function as anchors.
  • At node E, decide whether to include a guide with the slide plate. A guide will allow movement along the axis of the pipe while restricting lateral movement.
  • If the shoe is not welded to the pipe, node F shows two choices for attachment: either U-bolts or flat bar clamps. All the shoes with these options are shown with cradles and slide plates.
  • At node G, a choice is made whether to include a guide. At node H a choice is made on how to attach the base of the slide plate. Welding is the most common method of installation, but safety or other considerations may cause you to choose a base plate which can be bolted to the supporting structure.

Slide plates must have a low-friction material to slide smoothly, usually PTFE, 25% glass filled or graphite. Graphite is used for higher temperatures and loads. For temperatures above 500 F, it is good practice to include bolting to insure the graphite remains fixed to its steel backing during movement. Please see the Slide Plate section of this catalog for more details.

We will fabricate shoes and anchors to your design or help you develop special designs to meet your special requirements.

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